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Douglas “Buddy” Hines

Lenoir City TN Council Campaign

Logo Design, Videography, Door Knocking, Robo Calls, & Google & Facebook Ads

When working on Douglas “Buddy” Hines’s campaign, we shot a simple informational ad to run to a targeted audience on his newly created Facebook. We chose this for our first approach as to resonate in the minds of voters.

We also chose to incorporate a short ad to show more during early voting and election day.


When thinking about everyone else running for the same position, we wanted to be the most intertwined with the community. Besides putting out the usual campaign signs in highly populated areas, we chose to be the only ones to advertise at the town’s homecoming football game where every child’s parents were sure to be. A week later, we helped give out candy at a trunk-or-treat gathering as to personally communicate with members of the community.



To be sure we contacted every voter in our community, we door knocked and sent a robocall out to the rest. Our breakthrough moment came when we decided to bring up reviewing the “Rain Tax” the day before election. This was a hot topic to voters that most other candidates were too scared to bring up. After sending out the personalized call to about 1300 people, we received dozens of phone calls from voters giving us their thanks and Buddy was the positive talk of the entire town.

Election results came in and Douglas “Buddy” Hines led the ticket! Being the one with the most votes, he was asked to be vice mayor but politely declined as to spend more time taking care of his loving wife. Being able to run his entire campaign gave us the chance to personalize it and direct it with a more caring approach that no others had done before and, for this reason, he is a Lenoir City Councilman until 2022.