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Senator Randy McNally

TN State Senator Re-Election Campaign

Quillen Marketing received a phone call on October 8th from Lt. Governor/Senator Randy McNally to market his re-election campaign.

The very next day, we headed to Nashville to meet with his team and discuss specifics. Our task was to survey 5,000 specific houses, in 25 days, on how they were going to vote in the election. With a professional team already in mind, we started that Saturday morning handing out political literature to the specified homes. Calculating how many houses were getting done every day with planned suitable hours, we were able to schedule when we needed extra booklets to hand out. Within 20 days, we had visited 5,000 houses and thoroughly answered any questions that voters had.

Along with door-knocking, we placed signs at critical polling stations in the three counties that district 5 was located.

On the night of November 6th, news hit that Senator Randy McMcnally had won in a landslide victory of almost 75%! We attribute our success to communication of McNally’s team in Nashville along with our amazing volunteers that showed up almost every day sunrise to sundown.